Types of CCTV cameras

Cctv cameras nowadays are all over because of their benefits to homeowners and business premises, the cameras help you get track of intruders and protect thieves from breaking into your home.

They are awesome and that is why everyone nowadays prefers to install one (https://www.jmcsecure.co.uk/). When you have cameras in your business premises, employees tend to behave and everything runs smoothly.

However, you should be able to know that these cameras are available in various types. The high quality and low quality ones, be sure of what you want to buy and get one for yourself.

The several types are discussed in this article and I hope they help you find the right camera for your home and even your business premises.

Dark fighter cameras

These cameras are able to capture colored images in low light conditions (https://www.jmcsecure.co.uk/intruder-alarms.asp), they can be used in the day and night and still works perfectly. The camera is equipped with scan sensors whose job is to pick up quality images. It works perfectly at night.


Has a very high definition

Can be used for various purposes

Have smart features like face detection, line crossing and audio

IPR cameras

These are placed on cards and they can read and store data (https://www.jmcsecure.co.uk/cctv-cameras.asp). They are of great help to many organizations like hotel overstay management and tolling. IPR simply stands for license plate cameras, these cameras obtain crucial information to keep premises safe and secure.


Identifies cars that have been burned from premises

Can store a lot of information

Allows a business to run smoothly with no interference

Internal and external dome camera

This is the CCTV camera that is mostly used for indoor and outdoor security. it is designed in a way that you cannot exactly tell where it’s facing . It is a good camera because criminals will be confused and instead avoid committing a crime.


Clear night vision

Easy to install

Vandal resistant features